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May 18, 2018

DRC Community Distributed Due Diligence

DRC community initiated a one-week comprehensive and in-depth due diligence investigation into NEM, which covered 5 aspects: Project overview, Project team, Business plan, Technical solution, and Economic mechanism.
The result of which unveiled a total grade of 59, a project rating of BB, and a project risk rating of High Risk Level.

I. Project Overview
II. Project Team

The key points of the NEM project team evaluation are as follows:

III. Business Plan
IV. Technical Solution
V. Economic Mechanism
VI. Methodology of DRC Due Diligence Investigation

The whole due diligence investigation process follows 4 steps:

Our due diligence investigation focuses on the following aspects:

Below are the benchmarks for project rating:

Project Rating Grades Project Risk Level
AAA 100%-90% Low risk level (very low)
AA 90%-80% Low risk level (low)
A 80%-70% Medium risk level (low)
BBB 70%-60% Medium risk level (high)
BB 60%-50% High risk level (high)
B 50%-40% High risk level (very high)
CCC 40%-30% Not Recommended
CC 30%-20% Not Recommended
C 20%-10% Not Recommended
D 10%-0% Not Recommended
VII. Disclaimer

DRC Community aims to build a global distributed professional service platform where news, industrial researches, due diligences, project ratings, information disclosure, risk monitoring, and automatic audit and other related services are provided.

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